Why Us?

Niupi Development Academy (NDA) is a Soccer Developing Camp for children ages 4 – 14. Our camps are divided into MODs (Modules) that run from All year round. The main objective of the Academy is to promote and emphasize the technical abilities of young soccer players, mainly dribbling skills as well as ball mastery.  Why dribbling skills? Dribbling is the foundation for all the other fundamental skills of soccer, such as controlling the ball, passing and shooting.  It takes years to become a comfortable and confident dribbler.  For that reason, players must learn to combine body control, agility, coordination and balance with the mechanics of dribbling. The sooner they start the better. Trainers will use a range of age-appropriate training activities and techniques to maximize a player’s touches on the ball, including small-sided games that foster skill development, as well as imaginative and creative play. The ball mastery program will help foster confidence, creativity and composure during game play.

Academy coaches will mainly focus on development now and winning later.

Andrés Montoya / Head Coach.