Our Routine


  • Beginning Of Camp

  • Warming Up.

    It is essential to warm up and stretch prior to any physical activity.  The body needs to pre-condition in order to perform to its max!  We do take our time doing many stretch exercises that focus on each body part that will be used during practice.  The best way to avoid injury is to properly warm up.

  • Fitness.

    This includes lots and lots of running. We also do various aerobic activities as well as regular fitness exercises such as push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc. As much as kids “love” to run, it is important to get their bodies in shape.  When have you seen a soccer player walk in the pitch?

  • Agility Drills.

    We work on boosting the children’s agility level by using tools such as ladders, flags and cones.  We maintain a high level of competitiveness among all players by working in teams.

  • Basic Ball Control Drills

  • Dribbling Drills.

    Ball control is very important in the game.  We work hard to help build this skill to maximize the level of control of the soccer ball by introducing many different types of activities that keep the children challenged at all times.

  • Ball Control Drills.

    Soccer is all about ball control.  Our philosophy encourages the players to maintain possession of the soccer ball.  If our team has more ball possession than the opponent, it is more likely that we will generate more goal opportunities.

  • Passing Drills.

    Passing is a fundamental skill that needs to be perfected in order for the child to become a successful soccer player.  We teach children the correct way to pass by practicing various drills and activities.  Additionally, we work with children individually to make sure the proper technique is used when contacting the ball; not only do we teach them passing but also how to properly receive a soccer ball.

  • Lesson Of The Day

  • Topic Varies According to MOD (Module).

    We focus each day in a different topic. Topics vary from: defending the soccer ball, properly shooting on goal, and 1 vs 1 tactics to defeat a defender.  We properly teach the players all the rules and correct ways to take a throwing, corner kick, free kick, etc.

  • Mini Games.

    Having the topic of the day in mind, we organize activities such as 3 vs 1 or 5 vs 5.  These activities recap all the skills learned during the day.  Furthermore, we use our “Freeze” technique to stop a live play on the spot and go in to correct the position and/or technique of the player.

  • Time Out.

    At this time, everyone is encouraged to take one last water break before we head into a real live scrimmage.  However, before this begins all of our staff takes a moment to talk to the players and answer any questions they might have about all the information they received on that specific day.  It is important to address each concern to the best of our ability to help the development of that player.

  • Scrimmage

  • No More Talk… Lets Play Soccer!

    To conclude the day, teams are set and are separated with different color vests.  The teams are carefully selected based on each player’s ability and level of the game.  Keeping all teams equal is a goal we set ourselves to meet.

  • Freeze Rule Still Applies.

    Just like during any other drill, we do not let the children play without supervision.  We monitor each play and freeze any action that is not up to our standards.  Remember that our goal is to correct them now so that they do not make the same mistakes on the field.

  • End Of Camp

  • Our Time Is Up.

    Like the saying.. all good things must come to an end… so does our time with your children.  We wrap up with our last fitness drill to get the last drop of sweat out of their systems!