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Andrés Montoya
Andrés Montoya
Pablo Vasconez
Pablo Vasconez


Santiago Mesias
Santiago Mesias
Dylan Christine
Dylan Christine
Ashley Hoopo
Ashley Hoopo
Karina Montoya
Karina Montoya
Aderlin Burgos
Aderlin Burgos
Ryan Cardenas
Ryan Cardenas
Jennyfer Rodriguez
Jennyfer Rodriguez
Dayna Dobkowski
Dayna Dobkowski
Sophia Lengerke
Sophia Lengerke


Our philosophy is to teach the kids the fundamental skills of the sport, to respect the game, and most importantly each other. We aim to provide an optimal environment for growth as a soccer player and especially a human being.

Welcome to NDA – Progressive Skill Enhancements for Soccer and More

At Niupi Development Academy (NDA), we offer one of the Best Soccer Training In New Jersey designed to help players of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential. Our comprehensive programs are tailored to instill a love for the game while nurturing talent and fostering growth. Led by experienced coaches, our academy is dedicated to providing the best soccer training experience in town.

Skills Development

Mastering the fundamentals of soccer is key to success on the field. Our expert trainers focus on enhancing players’ technical skills, including touch, passing, turning, and tactical awareness. Through personalized instruction and innovative drills, we empower players to elevate their game and excel in every aspect of play. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our Soccer Academy Training Sessions are designed to help you develop the skills needed to succeed on the field.


In soccer, stamina and endurance are essential for maintaining peak performance throughout the game. Our training programs place a strong emphasis on building players’ strength and conditioning to ensure they can keep up with the fast-paced nature of the sport. Through a combination of strength training, agility drills, and cardiovascular exercises, we help players improve their fitness levels and stay competitive on the field.

Confidence & Mindset

Success in soccer goes beyond technical skill—it requires a winning mindset and unwavering confidence. At Niupi Development Academy, we prioritize building players’ confidence and promoting positivity both on and off the field. Our supportive environment empowers players to believe in themselves, take risks, and strive for greatness. Through mental conditioning exercises, goal-setting techniques, and positive reinforcement, we help players develop the confidence and mindset needed to succeed in soccer and in life. Join one of the best soccer academy in town and unleash your full potential with us.

At Niupi Development Academy, we believe in teaching more than just soccer skills. Our philosophy revolves around instilling respect for the game and each other while providing an optimal environment for growth as both a soccer player and a human being. Join us today and embark on a journey of excellence in soccer training.

Experience the Niupi difference – Enroll in one of the Best Soccer Training In New Jersey and discover why we’re the best soccer academy in town.



"We are so happy to have found NIUPI. We tried soccer at other places and it does not compare.  Coach Andres is great with the kids and very encouraging! We love NIUPI Development Academy. (3/1/23) 


Coach Andres is an extremely knowledgeable coach. We would highly recommend him. Not only is he patient but he takes his time with each individual kid to do every single activity. We notice our son Sebastian has improved with his focusing, he has better control of the ball and has learn to socialize better. (4/9/22)


Coach Andres is one of a kind. the whole environment, training, practices the whole system is amazing. you will feel like family. it's a safe and honest place to take your kids. I have 4 boys who attend this academy and also have training with coach Andres and that's no complain about anything. they learn a lot, technically and tactics are awesome. Coach Andres is kind, attentive, very professional, and know a lot about soccer. I would recommend 100% this academy. Enjoy it (4/26/23)


Helped my daughter develop and excel her soccer skills! The staff is very patient with the kids. Would definitely recommend them! (3/22/23)


My son (12) and daughter (10) have gone to NDA for the past 3 years.  Andres' program has provided them with skills they use on and off the field with confidence. The enjoy the drills but especially like the scrimmages with their teammates/ friends. Highly recommend to young families and kids that want to get into soccer. (3/22/23)

Heather Pobicki

"Logan really enjoys camp. His favorite is the drills. It helps him develop the skills he needs on the field. I've noticed him improve tremendously since coach Andres came into his world, I see leadership qualities and skills on and off the field in my son I'm very proud of. (4/23/22) 


Niupi Academy is great for children of all ages.  The coach is very knowledgable in the sport and does a great job modifying the drills based on each child's skill level and needs. Look no further and come join us at Niupi Academy! (3/24/23)



I attribute my child's progress and love for the game to coach Andres. The environment he creates allows each child to learn at their own pace without pressure of perfection. He understands that each child learns differently and executes each drill with patience and care. it is because of his coaching style that my child has learned skill that can be used both during a game and outside the sport. He deeply and sincerely cares for each child not only as a player but as an individual too. One word to describe the Niupi Academy; family. (8/10/21)


It's been a great experience for my son learning soccer while having fun and making new friends. This is our second year doing camps at Niupi Academy Coach Andres Montoya and his assistants are very knowledgeable and professional. During these two years, my son has not only developed a love for soccer, but he has also learned team-work skills and self-discipline. I give Niupi Academy five stars and more for the dedication they put into each kid based on individual skills and levels. I will definitely recommend this Academy. (6/15/22)


Having my kids at Niupi FC Academy has been the best choice I could have ever made. From day one until now, I feel pleased with the hard work coaches do with the kids. Their skills and understanding of how to play this awesome sport has improve enormously. It's a pleasure to be part of this great group of people. (4/16/21)


Although our work & academic studies consume a large portion of my Wife's and my time, we ensure the extracurricular programs our son participates in help him develop the skills & discipline critical for optimal growth. Andres M. & his team stand out due to their proactive & elaborate methods, which combine a focus on each child's cognitive refinement & physical evolvement - we understood this program stood above the rest when we witnessed Andres M. & his team
professionally | politely reprimand all children (mine included) when they felt their behavior needed such correction (regardless of my or any parents presence). We noticed a steady increase in my son's level of competitivity, focus on detail, heightened sense of engagement with other children his age & overall love for the game. I recommend NIUPI DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY for its high-quality sporting program & comprehensive child development curriculum over other programs we've personally experienced. (4/4/23)


"Andres es un entrenador muy profesional con su clase es paciente y logra que sus alumnos aprendan y disfruten sus practicas. (6/25/22)


Matteo aprendio tanto a ti coach Andres, aprendio a socializer con otros niños y a jugar mejor soccer. Gracias por tanta paciencia con los pequeños. (3/8/22)


Hands down! Enrolling my daughter in the Niupi Development Academy over 7+ years ago was a great decision. She has learned many valuable life skills that she has utilized on and off the field, such as leadership and teamwork skills.  The leadership at Niuipi Academy is outstanding!

Coach Andres is an incredible mentor to my daughter and students. As a coach, he is firm but fair. Gives praise to players when needed and warranted. Able and willing to demonstrate the skill to be performed, and includes everyone in practices and games. His flexible and relaxed approach while teaching the sport is commendable. Coach Andres makes learning a new sport, developing essential life skills, and playing soccer FUN!

Yes, seven years and counting, she still megs me every chance she gets. LOL (3/23/23)


I can tell you with all honesty that Andres Montoya, is the BEST coach EVER!! The training Coach Andres provides is truly unique. He offers an environment where players can develop and be creative without the pressure of making mistakes. Through his leadership and coaching my daughter has made better decisions on the field, has increased confidence, and I attribute it all to Coach Andres positive coaching tactics. He has truly helped my daughter, become a player with better awareness and assurance. Coach Andres is a gem and a major asset to the Piscataway Soccer Team and Team Nupi Camp participants. (3/28/20)


Coach Andres is a true professional and a very good soccer coach. He is a dedicated individual who tries to bring out the best in his kids through training them discipline, skills, and focus, to grow as a soccer player. In my personal experience, Achu (my son) made tremendous improvement as a young soccer player in a span of two years, and my son never played soccer prior to joining NIUPI ACADEMY. I can whole heartedly attest that it is all because of coach Andres and the training my son received at NIUPI ACADEMY. I would highly recommend NIUPI DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY!!!  (4/3/21)


"Our experience at Niupi Academy has been awesome. My son entered this academy with zero knowledge on how to play soccer, and with only being here 3 months he has learned how to dribble, shoot, pass and how to be a goalkeeper. Coach Andres is the most patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and goal-oriented coach these kids could have. Thanks to Coach Andres my son discovered that he has a talent in goalkeeping something that my son now takes so much pride in and it has helped him to build up his confidence. The structure of this academy and the techniques taught has helped my son to become more discipline, active, healthy, and most importantly learn the value of teamwork. I highly recommend this academy. (5/2/22)

"Our philosophy is to teach the kids the fundamental skills of the sport, to respect the game, and most importantly each other. We aim to provide an optimal environment for growth as a soccer player and especially a human being."


My son started soccer with Andres and all I can give is anything but 5 STARS!!!  Though my son started late for soccer quickly he developed a passion for it and with Nuipi Academy training and exposure he quicky developed into a good player and playing for travel teams. Andres understands strengths and areas to improve for each player and provide them with the necessary training and guidance to excel while making it a fun experience.  My son really liked Andres' no-pressure approach to soccer training while still  instilling the required discipline and hard work required to succeed at the highest level. My son is playing for high school level soccer now but still miss Nuipi Team experience!  I would strongly recommend Nuipi Development Academy for soccer training for any age level!!! (4/3/23)


My son has been with Coach Andres since he was 4 years old. He is now 8 and thriving and loving every second of soccer. He has patience and skill set to get these kids to amazing levels. We are thankful to have the opportunity for our boys to learn from an amazing coach! (3/22/23)


"My son's overall physique and game has significantly improved under coach Andres. (5/23/22)


We are more then happy with the coaching Mia has had throughout these 6 weeks. Mia knows now how to kick the ball better, Dribbling, how to play together as a team, and she feels more confident playing out in the field. We would like to thank coach Andres for the patience and the time he takes to teach each kid. The methods and style he uses are very effective. We highly recommend him! (5/20/22)


My daughter ever since she was 3-4 years old started a passion for soccer.
I searched high & low for academies , coaches, etc.
They either just did it for the money & no much coaching.
Until I found coach Andres, with Niupi Academy. I could see my daughter making BIG steps.
He has so much patience , just a passion for what he does. The way he teaches, the way kids feel around him. Super comfortable.
My daughter started to feel much confident.
She loves going to every camp of Niupi Academy. She has progressed tremendously.
Im very thankful for the opportunity Niupi Academy has given my daughter. I see how she has grown in many ways. She learned so many skills. I don't regret it at all. The best of all its very affordable & it offers so much, the price is worth it. If your are still thinking about it, just let me say you won't find anything similar to Niupi Academy/Coach Andres. Very unique way of keeping it fun & kids learning from every drill.
Keep up the good work Niupi! (3/26/23)

Daniela Silva

"Coach Andres and his assistant coaches go above and beyond for all of their students. Always have a smile, patience and persistence. We are truly grateful for how much he has learned. (3/20/22) 


The coach at the soccer academy is incredible. Coach Andres started coaching my oldest daughter a little over a year ago and has developed her into a strong athlete. In addition, Coach Andres hugely supports academic excellence and all of the players know that their homework is just as important as the game. Coach Andres has been a huge blessing to our family and has gained the trust and respect of my daughter. When my daughter was having some difficulty in school, he was able to help turn things around. My daughter began training with Coach Andres with no experience and now she loves the game and is thriving in the sport. My younger daughter has also begun training with Coach Andres and loves training. As a mom and soccer coach, I highly recommend the Soccer Academy for beginners as well as experienced players. (7/5/22)

Raul RamosRaul Ramos
21:49 10 Apr 24
On the recommendation of family members, I have enrolled my son in this Soccer academy, which has various categories for all ages.They are very professional, punctual, and above all, they make teaching a healthy lifestyle for children and all their families.100% recommended for the respect and patience on the part of all the instructors and especially Andrés and Verónica towards us parents.
Danielle Giglio SilvaDanielle Giglio Silva
23:56 28 Mar 24
We started our journey with Niupi Academy 5 years ago. Our children have flourished in all aspects of developing soccer skills! The coaches patience, knowledge and drive for the children to succeed is immeasurable. They challenge the children every class and always end with positive feedback and encouragement. We will always be a part of the Niupi family.


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